The roots of our company go back to the distant year of 1971 when we started with the forged parts production which is still the essential part of our manufacture.

Long-year experience, innovative methods and modern technology are some characteristics that enable us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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Marovt Ltd.


The vision we follow is to become a key supplier in the automotive industry in the production of precision forged parts by providing our current and potential customers with products of the highest quality based on our permanent development and qualified personnel.

Permanent development, constant introduction of new technologies are essential for reaching our vision. However, our goal is to gain as many well-known references as possible and to become recognized in Slovenia as well as in the world.

Automotive industry requirements enable us to be involved directly in the technology development which decreases the environment pollution and contributes to the green planet. Moreover, in our working environment we invest and modernize the production processes permanently in the direction of more rational energy use and decrease of negative impact on the environment.